Promotional video/animation for the tune “hunt” from ok|ok’s debut album released by RKM Music, produced by Kyoko Kitamura and Yohei Ito. Music by ok|ok (Kyoko Kitamura, Mike Mcginnis, Khabu, Tony Moreno), directed/animated by PECKS (Yohei Ito & Shingo Igata). Reel 13 Shorts WINNER, aired on THIRTEEN/WNET on 8/23/08.

“Charlie Brown’s Wandering Eye” duo version. Kyoko Kitamura: composition and voice; Russ Lossing: piano. Performed on January 26th, 2011 at The Stone.

Anthony Braxton’s opera Trillium J performed in April 2014 at Roulette. Blu-ray disk, audio CD and full personnel info available here:

Tidepool Fauna with Kyoko Kitamura: composition and voice; Ingrid Laubrock: tenor sax; Ken Filiano: bass. Performed on January 9th, 2016 at Evolving Series (Arts for Art).

Taylor Ho Bynum Ensemble Prince Project with Taylor Ho Bynum: cornet; Jim Hobbs: saxes; Kyoko Kitamura: voice, keyboard; Abraham Gomez-Delgado: voice, guitar, percussion; Evan Patrick: el. guitar; Nick Lloyd: keyboard; Stomu Takeishi: el. bass; Pheeroan akLaff: drums. Performed on February 17th, 2013 at Teatro Manzoni, Milan, Italy.

“Arm” Deborah Gladstein:dance&choreography; Kyoko Kitamura:music&words, performed on April 7th 2012 as part of Mark Lamb Dance Salon at Metro Baptist Church.

“Parasite” Sarah Pope, Nicole Pouliot, Jennifer Wilenta:dance; Mark Lamb: choreography; Kyoko Kitamura: music&words, performed on April 7th 2012 as part of Mark Lamb Dance Salon at Metro Baptist Church.

Stephen Haynes, Joe Morris, Michael Evans, Kyoko Kitamura at The Stone on 1/23/13

Composition 254 by Anthony Braxton, with an excerpt from Trillium E. Performed by vocalists Anne Rhodes and Kyoko Kitamura, live at the Uncertainty Series, New Haven, CT on 8/13/11. Video by Lou Guarino, Jr.

Other videos:
Beonjim – Spreading Outwith Daegum player Seungmin Cha at Roulette